Can I pay my fines and court costs over the Internet?
Yes. You can now pay your waiverable ticket or parking ticket online using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card. A waiverable ticket is a minor misdemeanor offense that does not require your appearance in court, such as speeding. Click on the link below, and then search for your name or case number. On the Search Results page click on your case-number to see the case data. At the bottom of this screen are two links "View Docket" and "New Search", a third link, "Pay Online", will display if your case is a waiver case.

Pay On-Line
Can I see a copy of my driving record?
The Ohio BMV now has the last three years of your driving record online, you can also find out information to assist you with license problems.

Ohio BMV Online Information
Codified Ordinances
The following link will take you to the American Legal Publishing Corporation where you can view the codified ordinances for a large number of cities, towns and villages in Ohio, including the City of Elyria, and the City of North Ridgeville. 

Elyria Codified Ordinance
North Ridgeville Codified Ordinance
Do you accept personal checks as payment for fine and court costs?
Yes! We will accept personal checks, money orders, travelers checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover and cash. We will accept any checks in person or by mail, and we will accept credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) in person, over the phone, or over the Internet. To pay online click on the link below.

Pay On-Line.
How much is the fine and costs for speeding?
Effective 3/1/2017 our fines for speeding are based on how fast over the speed limit you were going as well as if you were in a construction zone. In Ohio, if you are given a ticket in a construction zone the fines are doubled. 
Waiver Schedule for Speeding
  Amount Construction Amount
0-10 mph over the limit $156 $191
11-20 mph over the limit $181 $241
21-30 mph over the limit $201 $281
Over 30 mph over the limit $241 $361
I cannot afford to pay the entire fine and court costs, can I go on payments?
The Court has a Compliance Office. After you appear in court, you may make arrangements with them to determine whether or not you can be put on a payment or installment schedule. There is a $30.00 charge to set up a payment agreement. For more information call the Compliance Office at (440) 326-1800 and select menu option 2.
I cannot make my court date, what should I do?
If you cannot make your court date, call the judge's office scheduled to hear your case as soon as possible for instructions on how to request a new date. Waiting until the last moment is not recommended. Call well in advance so that a new date can be arranged. Your initial court appearance is written on the bottom of your traffic ticket. The Judges Offices can be contacted by calling (440) 326-1800 and pressing 5 for Judge Locke Graves or 6 for Judge Bennett.
I did not have my insurance card when I was stopped. What do I do now?
Under Ohio law you must show proof of financial responsibility when stopped by a police officer. Showing the police officer a card, provided by your insurance company, which indicates that you are insured is sufficient. It is to your advantage to bring your insurance card when you appear in court or at the Clerk's office to pay your ticket. You can even mail us a copy with your waiver payment, this will prevent our office from reporting to the BMV that you were not insured. If you forget to show us, then you must show the BMV. Records of driving infractions and assessed points are sent to the BMV two(2) days after your appearance in court or the payment of your "waiver". This includes whether proof of insurance was shown or not. 
What is a "waiver"?
It is a convenient way for you to pay your fine and court costs without coming to court. The waiver is found on the back of your ticket, and by signing it and paying the fines and court costs you are pleading guilty to the charges on the front of the ticket. This can only be done if your violations are Minor Misdemeanors.
What is a minor misdemeanor?
A minor misdemeanor is a violation where the maximum fine you can receive is $150.00.
What is a warrant block?
If this court has issued a bench warrant for you, we have also informed the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles to issue a warrant block. This block will prevent you from obtaining a driver license, license plates, or renewing these licenses. You must appear before the court to clear the warrant. Once the warrant is cleared the Clerk of Court will inform the Bureau of Motor Vehicles that they can remove the warrant block. The Bureau of Motor Vehicles starting in September 2004, will charge you $15.00 to clear the block after the court has notified them that it is to be cleared.
What is the fine for not wearing a seatbelt?
If you were driving the vehicle and were cited for not wearing a seatbelt the fine is $30.00 plus $92.00 for court costs. If you were the passenger in the vehicle the fine is $20.00 plus $92.00 for court costs. Effective 3/1/2017
What is the fine for parking in a handicap space?
Effective 3/1/17, the fine for parking in a spot marked with a handicap sign is $33200.
Where do I pay my fine?
You may pay your fine in person at the Clerk of Court's Criminal/Traffic Division counter, on the first floor of the Elyria Municipal Court, located at 601 Broad St, Elyria OH 44035.  You may mail your payment to: Clerk of Elyria Municipal Court, 601 Broad St., Elyria, OH 44035. Remember to send a copy of your ticket with the payment. If you wish to pay with a credit card you can call us at (440) 326-1800, or you may pay your Waiver or Parking Ticket online using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover credit card.